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Many novice cigar smokers today do not have much knowledge about the brand of flavoured cigar available in the market today. In the mid 1990's there were very few popular cigar brands but today we can find more that 1000's of cigar brands in the market. Many of us are left intimidated and do not know which brand cigar is better than the other.

Thompson cigar is a very popular premium provider of cigars that have utmost taste, construction and aroma. You can find a wide range of flavoured cigars at Thompson cigar and depending upon your personal liking you can make an online order. There is no right or wrong selection and what fits your preference is the one right for you.

Cigar smoking can also be style statement. Generally in the past a smoker depending on his physical appearance use to pick the cigar, for example a slim, tall guy smoked long, slender cigar and a short, stocky person was seen carrying a thick, stubby cigar. But today's the smokers are breaking the outdated notions. They select the cigar brands and flavour as per their own likings.

Another important thing to consider when buying a cigar is to consider the tobacco level. Cigar from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are the mildest whereas the Honduran cigar has very high tobacco levels. If you are a new or first timer, then start with trying the milder cigars first. As you develop the taste, you can go for the Honduran cigars. Wrapper can a lot about the flavor of the cigar. Newcomers are advised to stick to with lighter wrappers usually called "claro", "natural" or "English market selection".

Look for cigar which have shiny, smooth and oily wrapper. An underfilled cigar will smoke too quickly and a cigar which is rock hard will not draw well, therefore roll the cigar between the fingers to judge best. Thompson cigar is delicious blend of scents and flavors and the kind of flavor choices you have at Thompsons is almost endless.

When browsing through the Thompson cigar reviewon the internet, we see lot of mixed opinions. Most of the people have appreciated Thompson cigar but you will find some complaining about the unprofessional services. No doubt that Thompson is a leading cigar brand provider for centuries and still have a huge fan following. You can also refer to the various flavored cigars buying guide to help you make the right pick.

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Flavored cigars buying guide

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This article was published on 2011/01/12