Cuban Cigars – A Brief History Of Cigars

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If you are a cigar lover, or if you know someone who is, then you have probably heard plenty about the amazing allure of Cuban cigars. As a matter of fact, many people who have absolutely no interest in cigars still have heard about how great these cigars actually are. A big reason why these cigars get talked about so much is that they truly are the best cigars in the world. There is not one thing wrong about these cigars and everything about them is right. This means that they are perfectly rolled, they smell terrific, and they also have an amazing flavor.

Another reason why these cigars are so well known is because of the tumultuous history behind them. Even if you were not alive in the early sixties, you have probably heard plenty of the stories.

Here are the basics about the history of Cuban cigars. To begin with, the embargo on Cuba was instituted by President Kennedy in 1963, and it was done in order to protect the U.S. at a very scary time. Even if you were not yet born, you have probably heard about the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was a time when Americans were scared that Communism was going to take over. While everyone is thankful that this never happened, many Americans back then took this as a real threat, and the possibility of another war seemed very likely. This is why Kennedy had to go ahead and stop all trade with Cuba. This is what an embargo is, by the way. It places a stop to all trade.

While everyone understands why Kennedy had to place the embargo on Cuba, many people got angry anyway. AT this point, you can probably guess why they were angry. These angry Americans were lovers of Cuban cigars, and they knew that this embargo meant that they could no longer legally have the cigars. This doesn’t stop these people from finding ways to get the cigars anyway. As a matter of fact, there were whole black market businesses constructed simply to give cigar lovers their precious cigars from Cuba. Nowadays things have loosened up a little.

As a matter of fact, it is not actually illegal to have Cuban cigars. It’s important to note that if you privately have some cigars, you will probably not be fined. It’s only the large businesses that sell the cigars en masse who are fined. For the most part, however, you are risking very little if you happen to get your hands on a cigar from Cuba.

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Cuban Cigars – A Brief History Of Cigars

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This article was published on 2010/10/27