Cigar Smoking - The Art of Smoking a Cigar

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Selecting your first cigar might be as difficult as choosing a particular ice cream from the large number of varieties available in the shop. I did not face this problem, being accompanied by a cigar smoker who gave me proper guidance. He thoughtfully explained to me the qualities of various cigars and their main characteristics. Similarly, I would prefer to guide you correctly so that you could make the right choice and enjoy cigar smoking

It is advisable not to place order for cigar online until you gain full knowledge about it. You should actually select an exclusive shop that stocks only cigars, Briar and pipe tobacco. It would be nice to have a few friends who could join you in enjoying cigar smoking.

Cigars vary from being mild to strong. You should start smoking a cigar which is hand rolled and mild. Royal Jamaica, Romeoy Julieta and Macanudo are the known cigars which are mild. Good quality cigars cost between $8 and $11.

While selecting a cigar you should first look at their length and shapes. Caronas length is 5 and is mild. Double Carona is twice its length. Robusto is a cigar which is thick and short. These are the famous brands. Carona could be your first choice. You should get the cigar cut at the shop itself or procure a Guillotine cutter costing $2.

Unless you are familiar with the method of lighting a cigar, it could be complicated. Wooden match stick should be used for lighting of cigar. After putting the cigar in the mouth rotate it slowly in such a way that just the tip of cigar touches flame. After taking slow puff for a few seconds rotate the cigar and see that complete surface becomes radiant red. If some parts are not bright red, the process should be repeated.

Cigar should not be kept between the teeth. It should be kept between the lips. Sip gently as in the case of a glass of wine. Have long draws slowly and permit the smoke to stimulate the taste buds. You should not breathe in smoke. Smoking is not done in a hurry. Gap of 45 seconds is given between puffs to make it enjoyable. This makes the smoke in the mouth smooth and cool. Cigar should be allowed to settle for a few minutes, if it gets heated up close to fingers.

Cigars last for three to five minutes. It should not be lit after a gap of 25 to 45 seconds. It is likely to cause bitter taste. Cigar ash should not tapped on the ashtray till it builds to .5. When tapping your cigar, you should only tap ever so slightly so as not to disrupt the taste.

If you follow the given instructions you would certainly relish the delicate fragrance of cigar. You should taste various types of cigar and try and compare them to understand their worth. Just make sure that you always preserve your cigars with appropriate preservation techniques such as a quality humidor or at the very least with some form of cedar trays.

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Cigar Smoking - The Art of Smoking a Cigar

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This article was published on 2011/07/08