Cigar Basics for Budding Collectors

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Collecting cigars is a fun hobby, but there are a few things that new collectors should know. First of all, there is more to cigar collecting than simply stocking up on any old stogies. You need to know what type of cigar you enjoy smoking, and you should do a little research into its background.

Secondly, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to store your collection. Do you plan on building a large cedar-lined humidor in your basement, or will you keep a smaller humidor in your home office?

Finally, what type of accessories do you prefer to go along with your collection? There are a number of handy items that will enhance your collecting—and smoking—activities.

In order to determine what type of cigars you want to collect, begin by visiting a local cigar shop. You can take a personal look at what is available, trying out different brands or types to determine what appeals to you. Then research the brands online—find out where the tobacco was grown or where the cigars were made. You might even order a sampler set that allows you to try various cigars at home.

The Famous ‘Best of Perdomo’ Sampler is one option. Perdomo cigars are known for their quality and taste. Their tobaccos are perfectly aged and then crafted into wonderful cigars in various sizes and flavors. This sampler includes the Churchill Natural, Champagne Robusto Natural, Cuban Parejo Rothchild Natural, Habano CT Robusto Natural, and the Lot 23 Robusto Natural. Try each of these smooth tasting cigars to determine if any of them are right for your collection.

The Alec Bradley Elite Sampler is another set that will introduce you to a variety of fine tasting cigars. Over the years, Alec Bradley cigars have been identified as some of the most flavorful dark tobaccos around. This set comes with two each of the Family Blend, Overture Robusto Natural, Sun Grown Robusto Natural, Tempus Terra Nova Natural, and the Siboney Robusto Natural.

Once you’ve identified the cigars you’d like to collect, decide how big your collection will be and how you will store it. A humidor is essential in order to keep your cigars fresh and full of flavor. Humidors come in all sizes, with the largest capable of storing thousands of cigars.

If you need something large, but don’t want to go to the expense of having a custom humidor built, take a look at the Montegue End Table Humidor. Not only will this keep your large cigar collection safe, but it will add a touch of class to your room. The finish is distressed maple and the interior will hold up to fifteen hundred cigars. This antique-looking piece will make you feel rich every time you look at it or open it to remove one of your fine cigars for an evening’s enjoyment.

If your cigar collection is considerably smaller—probably a wise idea for the budding collector—you might consider a tabletop humidor. The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Inlay Humidor in Maple is an exquisite choice. This cigar case is finished in dark maple and adorned with brass hardware and a lovely tobacco leaf on the top. The interior is made of Spanish cedar and it features a humidifier, hygrometer, top tray, as well as a lock and key. It will hold up to 150 of your favorite cigars.

Of course you’ll want a fine ash tray to complement the décor of your room as well as the elegance of your new hobby. Choose something as simple as the Lead Crystal Ashtray with two slots, for those times when you want to be alone with your thoughts—and your cigar—or a friend. This ashtray is made of genuine lead crystal and is designed to hold two cigars. It’s a beautiful accessory for any room.

When you invite several friends to sample your cigar collection, you’ll need a larger ashtray. The Crystal Black Tint Ashtray holds four cigars. It’s a handsome, masculine piece that will enhance your pool room, poker table, or even your patio table.

When travelling by car, you’ll need something more than the vehicle ashtray to support your cigar. The Road Warrior Ashtray fits inside any cup holder. It has a 6-inch long barrel to support your cigar while your hands are on the wheel. It’s lightweight, but sturdy enough to use on your desk back home.

Cigar cutters are another important accessory. The Double Blade Stainless Oval Cigar Cutter is good looking, portable enough to carry in your pocket, and it offers twin-blade guillotine action that won’t shred the tip of your cigar. Made of stainless steel, it will give you years of superior cutting action.

Don’t forget a small cigar case for those times when you’re away from home for a day or more. The Xikar Envoy Leather 3 Cigar Case is made of Armada leather and features contrast stitching in an elegant design. This case is crush-proof and will protect up to three cigars. It’s a stylish accessory for your tasty new hobby.

Joshua Correia is a freelance writer who writes about shopping and products such as premium cigars.

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Cigar Basics for Budding Collectors

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This article was published on 2010/11/12