Choosing A Good Cigar

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There are some realities in life that we are forced to gobble down, no matter how much they make us suffer or choke. For tobacco cigar lovers, one of these realities can often be found lurking in the darkness behind them. Yet, it will not remain hidden forever; every person who is a hardcore smoker and who smokes on a regular basis is bound to discover this sad reality: there exists such a thing called a bad cigar. This might be hard for you, the cigar lover, to take. A person who admires cigars, and who places them on a pedal might find himself in shock by learning this fact. But, keep in mind that bad cigars are somewhat easy to find. The following are some helpful tips regarding how to spot a cigar which is not worth being lit.

It is important to bear in mind that good cigars are not typically sold at the local stores in a market. You may splurge a little and only purchase cigars from places which do not also have an entire cupboard dedicated to tobacco stuff. If you find that your cigar is very dry and does not have that fresh feeling, one reason may be that it does not contain enough humidity. This is a problem that can leave a cigar dry or stale. As a cigar gets dried out, it is very hard to save it because the cigar would have lost many of its essential oils, thereby losing its essential flavour in the process. However, if the cigar is not very dry, it is possible to revive it by placing the cigar in a humidor. This helps in gradually increasing the humidity level. If the cigar is so dry that even the wrapper has begun to crack or peel, it is only good to be thrown away. Always make sure to keep the cigars stored properly inside a good humidor.

When products smell bad, they usually taste bad; this applies to tobacco cigars as well. Smelling a cigar before buying and lighting it is a good way to avoid a bad experience with cigars. If there is something odd about the odour, if it smells stale or just plain awful, chances are that the cigar will produce a bad smoke. This method may be used before purchasing stogies as it can prevent you from spending money on a bad cigar.

Almost every city will boast of a vendor selling cigars with great authenticity by swearing on a stack of quality tobacco leaves. While they may go on to promise all you want, the proof can be found in the pudding. An imitation cigar will ruin a cigar smoking experience. Anyway, fake tobacco cigars are usually rather easy to spot. Watch out for three main things: cigars that carry with them an inexpensive price tag, tobacco cigars that are damaged, or the antics of a cigar vendor who seems too eager to make a sale. This can help you from buying a bad smoke.

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Choosing A Good Cigar

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This article was published on 2010/03/26