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Are you fascinated why a lot of experienced men prefer to smoke cigars rather than cigarettes. There is definitely a major difference in the social image of a person smoking a cigar than puffing a regular cigarette. The character is more defined for a person preferring to smoke a cigar, and this is one of the reasons why profound individuals choose cigars. So if you want to have the real taste of a premium cigar, and experience the character of puffing one, then read on.

Cigars are a bundle of dried and fermented tobacco, and are smoked like a cigarette. Cigars are grown in Cuba, Brazil, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Philippines and the Eastern United States. The quality of a cigar - with matters on filler, binder and wrapper - will distinguish the price. Majority of superior cigars are still hand-made even to these days. Premium cigars can fetch a hefty amount compared with regular cigars and these expensive smokes are highly favored by distinguished gentlemen.

Unlike when you buy cigarettes, cigars need to be kept in special wooden box to preserve its quality. A cigar is expensive, therefore, you need to store them in just the right method in order not to waste such a luxurious smoke. If you will not store your cigars accordingly, the original tobacco oils will dry up which will affect the taste immensely.

To know more about the many cigar brands in the market, and how to compare these brands for you liking, then the online place is your best friend. You will learn all about the things you need to know about cigars, and you will get to read about expert cigar reviews that will help you choose for the right cigar for you. As a beginner, you need to choose for the mildest cigar then you can upgrade your taste as you go along your process of gaining more experience smoking cigars.
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This article was published on 2010/11/10